8 Fast Tips Worth Knowing Before Traveling To Myanmar!

If you are looking for an offbeat destination in Asia, Myanmar can fit the bill for more than a few reasons. Steeped in history and culture, this country is unlike any other in the continent. However, we recommend that you check some of the tips mentioned below.

  • Please note that all parts of Myanmar are not accessible for tourists, and prior permits are required. Travel agents can do that for you, but the charges are high. So, make sure that the homework is done right.
  • The best hotels in Myanmar are booked months in advance. We highly suggest that you consider booking at least month ahead of your travel date. There are many websites that offer bookings for exotic resorts, and it is worth the experience and price paid.
  • If you are in Myanmar, please make sure that you have enough cash. The currency of the country is kyat, and most smaller hotels and restaurants will accept that. If you don’t understand the exchange rate, you can do well with USDs. In some places, prices are also mentioned in USD to avoid confusion.

  • This is a cash dominated economy, and while ATMs are available in big cities, people don’t prefer anything but cash for hinterlands. The transaction fee on credit cards can be high, so confirm with your bank in advance.
  • Mobile network services are surprisingly good here, and you may find your phone internet faster than WiFi in some areas. You can get a SIM card with 3G bang at the airport, and overall rates are pretty cheap.
  • Always wear comfortable clothes and footwear. Pagodas are one of the many reasons why people hop between cities in Myanmar. You will find pagodas almost everywhere, so if you are wearing sports shoes, you can only imagine the mammoth task of removing shoes every time.
  • Take the important medicines with you. Please note that public healthcare facilities in the country is nothing compared to what you will find in the west. As such, do carry all the necessary medicines with you.

In terms of season, the period between November and February is your best bet by all means. You will find the temperatures better during these months. This is a conservative country, so if you are visiting places of religious interest, please wear comfortable and modest clothing. People here are also friendly, as long as you respect their life, religions and practices.

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